3v3 SOCCER TOURNAMENT – August 10, 2024

Brazilian Art 3v3 Tournament – August 10, 2024

Get ready for the soccer season with a fast-paced tournament right before training starts! Join us at Back River Fields for a fun day of soccer. 

U9-U18 teams, Boys and Girls

Back River Sports Complex is located at 15 Camp Allen Rd, Bedford, NH 03110.


  • 3v3 Format, teams may have a maximum of six players
  • Age groups? (age chart here)
  • Divisions will consist of five teams
  • The two teams with the best record in their division will advance to a championship
  • If two teams are tied in the division, the head to head matchup will decide who will advance
  • If the head to head matchup was a draw, goal differential will decide who will advance
  • If the championship is tied at the end of the game a golden goal overtime will start
  • All teams will play a minimum of four division games

Rules of Play

  • Games will consist of two 12-minute halves
  • All goals must be scored in the attacking half of the field
  • If a goal is scored from the defensive half, a goal kick will be awarded to the opposing team
  • Substitutions are done on the fly with the player on the field needing to fully exit the field before the substitute replaces them
  • If the ball goes out on the sideline a kick in is awarded rather than a throw in
  • All dead balls are indirect
  • All restarts have to be taken within four seconds
  • Defending teams must be behind half field during goal kicks

Field Specifications

  • The field is 30 yards by 25 yards
  • The crease is a half-circle with a 2.5-yard radius
  • The crease serves as an area in front of the goal that defensive and offensive players cannot enter
  • If a defensive player enters the crease a goal is awarded
  • If an offensive player enters the crease a goal kick is awarded
  • If the ball stops in the crease a goal kick is awarded

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