Junior Training Program:

Attacking Skills

Join our professional Brazilian coaches as they teach the creative attacking skills fundamental to good soccer and futsal players.

Open to ages 7-12

Attacking Skill Training

This eight week course with Brazilian Art Soccer’s Tiago Oliveira and Bruno Victal is focused on developing the individual attacking ability of the futsal and soccer player—providing each player with greater foot skills, creativity, and courage to face an opponent in difficult situations, including 1v1, 1v2, 2v2 etc. Training will take place on a futsal court.


Fridays 6-7:00 (ages 7-9) and 7-8:00 (ages 10-12)

Starts January 28. All training is held at the New England Sports Center (Derry NH).

Cost: $225


Decision-making. Technical Skills. Confidence.

The greatest soccer players in Brazil and elsewhere grew up with futsal. The games are similar in that both soccer and futsal require players to recover and keep possession of the ball, advance the ball down the pitch, create finishing situations, and score goals.

However, futsal provides good training for soccer because it places greater technical and tactical demands on the individual player. Each player is constantly challenged to know “what to do” and to decide “how to do” it at almost every moment of the game.

Futsal develops the player’s decision-making capacity and the technical skills to execute those decisions. Over 8 weeks, Skills with Tiago will improve each player’s decision-making and creativity, their technical skills, and their confidence in offensive attack.

Week by week training break down

Week 1: Individual attacking moves

Week 2: 1v1 attack and finishing

Week 3: 1v1, small-sided games (2v2) and finishing

Week 4: Transition (attack to defense, and defense to attack), with superior numbers

Week 5: Dribbling in tight spaces

Week 6: Dribbling in larger space

Week 7: Mini-tournament (3v3)

Week 8: Futsal games (5v5)

Questions? Please contact Tiago at Tiago@basoccertraining.com

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